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Are you a smoker?
Have you tried to quit smoking and failed?
Few things are as challenging as quitting smoking. Smokers know they need to quit and most want to quit.
In fact, when asked, most smokers say they wish they had never smoked that first cigarette.
Nicotine is one of most addictive drugs known. It is believed that you can become addicted in as few as 3 cigarettes.
Because nicotine is so addictive finding an effective way to quit can be frustrating.

Smokers have many options when it comes to quitting smoking, unfortunately most have a low success rate and the prescription alternatives often come with horrible side effects.
There is hope for smokers who want to quit and it has no negative side effects.

Clinical research done by some of the top universities in the United States have demonstrated that hypnosis is the best and fastest way to quit smoking.
In studies done by Texas A&M and the University of Washington, the success rate topped 80%. A clinical study by the University of Iowa showed that hypnosis was 300% more effective than nicotine replacement therapies (like the patch or gum) and more than 200% more effective than prescription drugs.
Besides being incredibly successful, hypnosis has no negative side effects. It is quit and studies are showing that it has the longest lasting effect. In other words when people quit using hypnosis they stay quit longer than any other method.
With the success of hypnosis with smoking cessation, the real question is why more smokers don’t utilize hypnosis to quit smoking?
Do to how Hollywood portrays hypnosis many people have misconceptions about hypnosis.

One common misconception is that hypnosis is like a deep sleep. When the session is over you come out of a deep slumber with no memory of what happen. In reality hypnosis is more like sitting with your eyes closed feeling very relaxed.
When in hypnotic trance you are still aware of everything around you. You hear and remember everything that was said. It is just like listening to someone talk with your eyes closed feeling very relaxed.
Another misconception with hypnosis is that you lose control while in the session. The truth is that you are always in control. A hypnotist cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do. At any time you can open your eyes and end the session.
It is not fully understood my hypnosis is so dramatically more effective than other smoking cessations methods. One theory is that since communicates directly with the unconscious mind (the part of our brain that controls habits) it is able to reframe our perceptions and inner beliefs and effective stops the habit of smoking.
When considering a hypnotist you want to make sure they are certified. Though there are many certifying associations the National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH) is by far the largest and oldest establish certifying association.
If you are a smoker who is looking for the fastest, easiest way to quit smoking then you it would certainly be in your best interest to explore hypnosis.



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Fashion sense and styling like Rihanna

It’s safe to say Rihanna walks to the beat of her own drum, and with every outfit she wears, you better believe she’s turning heads!

This time, Rihanna opts for a more laid-back long sleeve denim shirt with print pants. Trendy yet classic. This diva knows how to wear a snakeskin print with the perfect grey bag to accent. Sharp white point toe heels finish off this Rihanna look in style.

Rihanna accessorizes with a studded gold bracelet, and deep black shades.

Look out for those bright red lips, they add an amazing touch to this casual and effortless ensemble.

Where would you wear this outfit? I think this would be perfect for a shopping date with friends!

Although it can be hard to wear print infused pants, Riri gave us some great tips to walk away with, and to be honest, they don’t seem so scary anymore!

Tell me what you think about this look! Leave a comment below!

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Let Live by KEI-SHON-SON watch video now

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Family Safety tip about the importance of re-keying locks

Paul Bales talks about home security and the importance of re keying your locks after you move or when relocating to a newly built home.  Mr. Bales  is a 20 year professional in the  locksmith industry.  His business has been serving the Columbia area specialize in residential and commercial lock systems, as well as  auto lockouts.  Whether you’re moving to a new house, locked out of your car, or just left your keys at home, his company provides the solution.

More information is available on Paul Bales and his Locksmith business at

Watch this video on Youtube: Locksmith Video


This video helped our editors realize just how important locksmiths are to home safety.  We hope you gained some positive information that can better protect you and your home.



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North Carolina news about Uganda

Esperance entered Uganda from Sudan. She was married to a Sudanese. After his death her in-laws turned against her. She managed to escape through neighbors. Esperance suffers from insomnia caused by post-traumatic stress. Esperance an African refugee is a victim of torture and rape.

Pemba and her family were attacked by soldiers. Her husband was murdered, several of her children were lost, and she was gang-raped. She says, “I thought, ‘the situation is too unsafe let’s run away otherwise they will kill us all.’ So we ran away in the night into the woods.”

To contribute to the African Refugee PTSD Relief Campaign



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What do you as someone from North Carolina feel about this important Uganda relief program.  Has watching this video given you a new view of PTSD?